Synth Gear History

I bought an EWI 4000s in July 2010. At the time I knew I'd enjoy playing it, but I really didn't know much about the instrument or how best to use it.

Ten years later I've learned a lot (though there's still a lot I don't know :-), and by describing my experience I hope I can help new players to get started, and perhaps to avoid some of the same mistakes I made. This page is long, but I hope people will find it useful.

2020 updates

As of October 2020, a number of new wind controllers have become available. These include at least the following (in no particular order):

That brings things up to the present (for values of 'present' which equate to 'the last time this page was updated' :-).   I don't know how the picture will change in the future, but I'm sure it will change; when it does, this page will be updated.

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